When should I bring my child to the dentist?

The most recommended age for a child’s first dentist visit is around age 1. At this time we are able to discuss your child’s dental care issues including oral hygiene at home, the avoidance of fluoridated toothpastes at younger ages, diet, and the recommended scheduling frequency required to maintain your child’s oral health. Regular visits for young children will make them more comfortable in the dental clinic environment, which often prevents dental care anxieties later in life.

Which is better, white fillings or silver fillings?

The type of filling material used in restoring your teeth will depend on your preference. There will be occasions where the increased strength and lifespan of silver fillings, or the position of a cavity under the gums, will give silver fillings an advantage over white fillings. However, there will be times where, for aesthetic reasons, white filling material is the best choice. Despite what you may have read, the mercury contained in silver fillings and the chemicals contained in white fillings have been proven to be safe for use with no negative impact on your overall health. We will always explain the advantages and disadvantages of both filling materials for your particular case and allow you to choose the material you prefer for your dental care.

What is the difference between a Night Guard, Performance Guard, and Sports Guard?

A Night Guard is an appliance worn at night to prevent damage to the teeth and jaw joint due to bruxism or grinding of the teeth during sleep. It can also be worn during sporting activities to improve performance. A smaller, less obtrusive version of a Night Guard, called a Performance Guard, can also be fabricated to improve performance during sports. A Sports Guard is a mouth guard worn in body contact sports to protect against tooth damage or concussions, and can also enhance performance.

What are sealants for teeth?

Sealants are resin coatings that can be placed on the adult teeth of children to seal deep grooves in teeth and prevent decay. There is no need for anesthetic or drilling to place dental sealants. The decision to place sealants is made on an individual basis. Not all teeth require sealants.

What can I do for sensitive teeth?

There are several products available to reduce or eliminate sensitivity in teeth. Dr. Gill and our dental care team recommend a thorough exam at our London clinic so that we may eliminate tooth decay as a source of the problem. We may discuss the use of appropriate toothpastes, adjusting a high acid diet, the use of a Night Guard, the proper use of a toothbrush and floss, the placement of dental sealants, or the use of fluoride.

How do I pay?

Accounts are due at the time of service. However, we do accept cash, cheque, debit, and Visa or Mastercard. At Dr. Gill’s dental clinic we are able to submit your claim electronically as soon as treatment is complete. Many of our patients receive their dental insurance reimbursement within 2 or 3 days of treatment. For more extensive, costly dental treatment plans, patients may make payment arrangements with our office manager. If you like, we will gladly submit a pre-treatment estimate to your dental insurance company so that you will know how much will be covered before you undergo dental care treatment. Dr. Gill and our dental care team will do everything in our power to make sure you receive the benefit you are due from your dental insurance company.

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